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Volunteer Management Charter

Two Charter signatories, holding the certificate and smiling, sitting at a desk

10 key principles

The Charter provides lots of ideas about volunteer management, it covers the essentials that need to be in place, and helps identify areas you could improve on, using a simple action plan. If you hope one day to achieve the Investing in Volunteers quality standard, the Health Check will get your organisation thinking and working in the right direction. We are happy for you to use The Volunteer Management Charter in your work – we would very much like to hear what you’re doing, and how the Charter is meeting your needs.

The Charter has been developed by Greater London Volunteering (GLV) in close collaboration with London’s Volunteer Centres. It is a clear statement of the key volunteer management areas that contribute to excellent volunteering experiences, and provides assurance for volunteers looking to get involved in one of the thousands of groups that work at the grass roots of London’s communities.

The Charter is built around 10 key principles of volunteering:

Equality and Diversity – Volunteering is open to all. Volunteers are treated with fairness.

Expenses  – Travel, and any other agreed, out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.

Induction – Volunteers are introduced to the work and ethos of the organisation.

Organisational Involvement – Volunteers have influence and an informed voice on organisational issues.

Personal Development – Identified needs are met by relevant training and development opportunities.

Recruitment process – Recruitment procedures are fair, efficient and consistent.

Resolving difficulties – Volunteers are aware of how to raise a concern, and how it will be handled.

Reward and Recognition – The organisation expresses its appreciation of the volunteers’ contribution.

Safe Volunteering Environment – The physical and emotional risks of volunteering are identified, minimised, and covered by adequate insurance.

Support – A named supervisor ensures ongoing support appropriate to need.

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